Functional Blends

Yield Improvers

Liquid or powdered products, phosphate and/or starch and/or fibre and/or protein based, either animal or vegetable. These yield improvers are used by tumbling, injecting or soaking.

Binding, binding + flavour

These products include starches, fibres, breadcrumbs and/or spice package and functional additives (e.g. phosphates).

Master Blend Vegamix extra groente

Master Blend Vegamix extra vegetables

A mix of different plant-based proteins mixed with herbs and spices to create a dough that is easy to shape and gives the burger a tasty flavour and bite..

Master Blend Fishbinder - Binder Fishless

Master Blend Vegetarian Fishbinder

This fish binder can be used for this vegetarian fish surprise. This blend is made of wheat fibres, different starches, herbs and spices.

Master Blend Beef Burger

Master Blend Beef Burger

Complete blend for burgers together with binding and flavouring.

Master Blend Vegamix

Master Blend Vegamix

Blend of various proteins in combination with herbs and spices which give this burger taste and binding.

Master Blend Fishbinder

Master Blend Fishbinder

This binder for fish contains wheat fiber, potato starch, soy, protein, cornstarch, herbs and spices.